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Struggling to Lose Weight?

Do you struggle to lose weight despite having given up on SUGAR?

Have you tried cutting down on your favourite foods and been dieting for weeks only to realize that the number on the weighing scale just wouldn’t come down?

I hear this from my clients all the time.

They have the perfect diet plans and the best gym memberships and yet they feel lost. 
Unsure if this dream of getting back to their ‘slimmer’ bodies back from the days will ever come true. To slide easily into the slim fit clothes which they used to enjoy shopping for, once upon a time.

This is exactly why I have created a step-by-step program focused on ‘Sugar Detox’ which I take my private clients through while working on their weight loss goals.

If you think you have given up on Sugar or consume very little of it, I’d challenge you to reconsider. Sugar sneaks up in foods you wouldn’t even imagine it could be present. We end up gaining more and more weight wondering how is it even possible to pile on the kilos when all you are having is 2 teaspoons of sugar. In this program I will not only reveal how sugar is sneaking up in your life, but also give you practical tools to kick it out for good.

Here’s what we will be covering in the program.

Why is Sugar bad for us yet so difficult to Quit?
   – The truth behind sugar and what it does to your body
   – The main culprit in sugar which messes up your hunger hormone making you gain more weight
   – The deal with our DNA which makes us crave sugar
   – Sugar in processed and natural foods
   – How much sugar should you be having per day
   – Why you reach out for sugar repeatedly even though you know it isn’t good for you

Food journaling prompts to build awareness around your sugar consumption

– Are all sugars bad and banned?
     – Common sugar mistakes all of us make and how to avoid them
     – How to make smarter sugar choices to lose weight easily
     – Lock nutrition and taste while weaning off sugar
     – Portion Control vs. going  cold turkey with sugar

4 Cheat sheets to choose low sugar foods

How to identify sugar laden packaged foods?
    – Understand how to read food labels for sugar
    – Identify hidden sugars that food manufacturers don’t want you to know
    – Health claims vs. marketing gimmicks
    – Learn how to calculate sugar content in food products
    – Alternatives to these products which I personally use (pan – India)
      (If you live outside India these will serve as a very good way to identify healthy products no matter where you are)

3 Cheat sheets + task sheets to ace the game of identifying sugars on food labels no matter where you are

Decoding your cravings
       – Why you think you’re craving sugar vs. what your body actually needs

       – Working on the root cause of your cravings rather than the symptom
       – How to manage cravings as you choose healthier alternatives — stocking up the kitchen + Learning how to ‘plate-up’
       – Detoxing and why it might feel uncomfortable and counter-intuitive
       – Lapses and how to deal with them
       – How to plate up for every meal to reduce cravings

2 Journal prompts and cheat sheets to outsmarting your cravings

Easy recipes to start switching to a low sugar life
Access to a paid online healthy cooking school with recipes which are healthy (backed by research) and time efficient
Hacks to eating out healthily
Safe sugar substitutes 
Free Q&A for all modules


What happens when I pay?

You will be redirected to a private Facebook group where the program will be hosted.
You should get access to it within 24 hours of making the payment. Generally much faster.

If not, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Are there refunds?

This is a digital program, so all sales are final.

We believe in full commitment to the program, in order to help you get results.
Therefore, no refunds will be available.
Also, you get access to the videos and worksheets for a lifetime, and in that way, you will receive 10x times of your investment, either way.

Is this a 'diet plan'?

Good question. 

But the answer is ‘No’. I do not believe in diet plans and neither do I ask my clients to ‘diet’.

In fact most of my clients have already tried ‘dieting’ and by the time they approach me they’re miserable with failed attempts at making diet plans work.

What if I cannot make it for the live session?

The videos will be available to you forever. If you can’t make it live you still get an opportunity to ask your questions while you watch the replay. 

I will answer every single one of them. 
Plus, you get access to the recordings for a lifetime.

Where can I pay?


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